What if I told you that

You can change anything in your life?

Remember when you felt your absolute best physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually?
Or maybe you don't know what it feels like to be free in any of those areas.

What happened to that freedom?

Culture, relationships, past trauma, and victimization all hold us back from being our absolute best.

We've been told to cope, to deal, to overlook, to move past...
We've been trained to forget, change, or ignore the issues at hand, but we still get stuck.

As a result...

We are sicker than ever, with 70% of people taking at least one prescription. Over 50% of taking two or more prescriptions. And 20% of people are on 5 or more concurrent medications. 

Divorce rates are skyrocketing.

Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD have become normalized household terms.

Emotional Intelligence is out the window, and passive-aggressiveness has made its home.

Insomnia remedies are searched on the internet by millions every week.

Parenting has become more difficult and infertility is on the rise.

Suicide rates are at an all-time high.

Addiction has become an acceptable coping skill by many.

Life for many has become more restricted than ever before.

What if you could be COMPLETELY free?

What if you could be free of ALL past negative experiences and current realities?

What if you could let go of pain, trauma, and grief and live joyously?

What if you could let go of all the addictions that hold you back live free?

What if you could sleep soundly and feel safe?

What if you could be the healthiest you've ever been?

What if you could have that kind of relationship you've always dreamed of?

What if you could be happy from the inside out?

What if you could finally sustain your body's healthiest weight?

What if you learned how to listen to, honor, and trust your body again?

What if you could reclaim your youthful energy, freedom, & vitality?

What if your normal state of being could be calm, cool, & resistant to life's stressors?

What if you could retrain your brain in order to thrive?

What if you could take your power back and be the creator of your own life?

We invite you into a bit of our story.

Heather has been helping people around the world start living the life of their dreams. Her passion is helping people find freedom from trauma, pain, illness, and addiction. After finding herself near death and diagnosed with multiple rare, genetic diseases in 2012, Heather realized that she needed to deal with the “real” cause of all of her chronic illnesses. She discovered that all of her past traumas, things she thought she had dealt with, were subconsciously supporting her illnesses.

Through the same techniques that she now uses to help her clients, Heather not only healed from a myriad of chronic “incurable” diseases, but she began living the life of her dreams! Now she has dedicated her life to helping others do the same thing. Heather has been married for 18 years and currently has two beautiful daughters on Maui.

Kent witnessed his wife's miraculous healing back in 2013. Not only was she stronger and healthier than when he had met her, but she also had a completely different outlook on life. They began to dream again, which started his journey of finding peace with his own traumas, letting go of being stuck in patterns of coping with the hurt and shame in various destructive ways. This inspired Kent to help others in a way that would free their minds from being stuck in their patterns of life and relationships.

Anchoring the good and making peace with the past, Kent can be present and enjoy his life like never before, helping others do the same. His favorite part of the adventure is living out this newfound freedom with his wife and daughters, seeing his dreams become a reality.

Mind Change Method / Metanoia Method Course Includes:

15+ hours of Training Videos ($3000 value)
Live Monthly Mentoring Calls ($1200 Value)
Lifetime Access to the Course ($1000 value)
2 Private Sessions for Students ($600 Value)
Monitored Online Community and Private Facebook Support Group ($150 value)
Hands-on exercises and worksheets / Downloadable documents ($100 value)
Certification of Completion ($50 value)
Personal Growth, Measurable Change, and Neurobiological/Neurochemical Transformation (Priceless)

Your Cost: $1499

You'll be able to turn in assignments, ask questions, and work with other students who are also learning the system to work on themselves. 


MIND CHANGE METHOD -- This track features the latest cutting-edge neuroscience linked with the mind/body connection which will teach you how to overcome trauma, health issues, and negative core beliefs. Jumping into this student community, you will learn to find growth and transformation in every area of your life in order to truly be free.

METANOIA METHOD -- For those who come from a Christian background and want to be in complete alignment with the Bible, this track will also take you on the mind/body/spirit journey, diving into how the brain, body, and Bible all fit together in order to help you overcome anything and get back into alignment with how you were created to live -- a life full of victory!

SPECIALTIES  -- If you are interested in a niche area of growth, check out our specialty courses which are full of content, teaching, and walkthroughs for particular areas of interest.